PYGA Mountainbikes

The best bike you will ever own is one made especially for you

PYGA is a small South African bike company who make bikes they want to ride themselves. Founded by Patrick Morewood, the founder of Morewood Bikes – a world renowned gravity bike brand of the early 2000’s, Pat moved on from Morewood in 2010 to start PYGA INDUSTRIES. PYGA was created with the aim of designing simple, clean cut bikes without fancy acronyms, gadgets or unnecessary standards.
Patrick Morewood founded PYGA in 2012 as the culmination of a lifetime spent riding, racing, designing and manufacturing bikes at the highest level. PYGA has grown into a close-knit family of like-minded people determined to fulfil the dream of bringing world class design, engineering and handmade quality to the rider in a relaxed, approachable and affordable way. In short…they care!
Their bikes are designed to make you ride better and want to ride more. No gimmicks or gizmos just solid innovative engineering and design delivering exceptional ride dynamics, clean lines and built to take a real beating. Guaranteed to make you fall in love with riding again, perform better and give you that ‘new bike’ feeling every time you climb aboard.
They design and engineer the bikes they like to ride, as do their customers, brand ambassadors and athletes.

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