Chromag like designing stuff themselves. That’s how they started, by making the frames and parts they always wanted. It starts with their own personal use and extends to the community in one of the best testing environments in the world, in the rugged Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. As they grow they are continually evolving and refining their designs and expanding the product offering. 

They are a passionate group of mountain bikers who have chosen a lifestyle centred around mountain biking. They value quality products that are suitable for their style of riding, they are creative in their style and their sport, and they are committed to providing exceptional customer service. 


They make high quality components. They design relevant products with a heightened sense of detail and creativity for function, performance and beauty. The design process starts with function and performance with an emphasis on durability and reliability, then extends to every detail they can think of including the final graphic and creative options for colour. 


All their bikes are built by hand, either in BC or by their skilled team of welders in Taiwan. Whether locally or abroad, Chromag frames are made using their own proprietary subcomponents and tube sets. The custom geometry, CNC’d dropouts and junctions, custom tube sets and modern designs are what set their frames apart from the rest.

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